Sunday, 5 February 2017

Overrated footballers 2017

15 of the Most overrated footballers right now

As u know if you had read my previous article I gave a list of 15 most underrated footballers.

Today we are going to turn the tables and I am going to give a list of the most overrated footballers right now.

15. Jack Willshere(Bournemouth)
14. Aaron Ramsay(Arsenal)
13. Karius(Liverpool)
12. Joe Hart (Torino)
11. Chris Smalling (Manchester United)
10. Simon Mignolet(Liverpool)
9. Andre Gomes(FCB)
8. Theo walcott (Arsenal)
7. Paulo Dybala(Juventus)
6. Renato Sanches(Bayern Munich)
5. Karim Benzema (Real madrid)
4. Claudio Bravo (Manchester city)
3. John stones  (Manchester City )
2. Gerrard Pique (FCB)

1. Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

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