Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Best retired 11 players

This post will contain the best players who have retired after 2000





5. CAFU (RB)





10. RAUL(ST)


Bench - Paul Scholes, Henry, makelele, del piero, Roberto Carlos.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017


4. Celtic vs Rangers(old firm)
Clubs success- 7
Importance- 9
Viewership- 7
Fights- 9
Inter Fans dispute and violence-8.5
Fights of old firm derby

3. Boca vs River plate  (Super Clasico)

Clubs success- 7
Importance- 9.5 
Viewership- 6.5
Fights- 8.5
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 9
Boca vs River plate video violence

2. Manchester United  vs Liverpool

Clubs success- 8.5
Viewership- 9.5
Fights- 7
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 7
Manu Liverpool fights video

1.Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona (El Clasico)

Clubs success- 10
Importance- 9
Viewership- 9.5
Fights- 7.5
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 8
El clasico most heated moments

Biggest football rivalries part 1

Today I am going to give a list of 10 biggest football rivalries

This is based on a few points:
1. Clubs success - Success of both the clubs in European level and league.
2. Importance- Importance of the match for the league title race.
3. Viewership- Viewership figures .
4.  Fights- Fights in the match and between  players and managers.
5. Inter Fans dispute and violence- Violence on the streets and in stadium and fights between Fans.

I am going to rate each of the rivalries out of 10 for the given criteria
Here is the list

10. Ac milan VS Juventus  (the Derby della madonnia)

Clubs success- 8
Importance- 6
Viewership- 6
Fights - 5
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 5

9. Olypiakos vs Panathinaikos (Derby of eternal enemies)

Clubs succes- 4
Importance- 8
Viewership- 5
Fights- 9
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 9
Violence of this derby video

8.Partizan vs Red star (Derby eternia)
Clubs success- 5
Importance- 8
Viewership- 5
Fights- 9
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 10

7.Roma vs lazio ( Derby della capitale)

 Clubs success- 6
Importance- 7
 Viewership- 6
 Fights- 9
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 9.5

6. Galatasray vs Fenerbahce
 Clubs success- 7
 Importance- 8
Viewership- 5
Fights- 9
Inter Fans dispute and violence- 9.5

5. AC Milan vs Internazionale
Clubs success- 9
Importance- 7
Viewership- 5
  Fights- 6
Inter Fans dispute and violence - 7
AC vs Inter fights

Monday, 6 February 2017


Chelsea vs Arsenal 2017
Arsenal had to win to stay in the title race and to stop Chelsea.
Team news
Chelsea- Courtois, Azpilicueta, Luiz, cahill, Moses, Alonso, matic, Kante, Pedro, Hazard, Costa.
The 3-4-3 formation and this is what Conte uses in most of his games. So, no surprises in the Chelsea lineup.
Arsenal- Cech, Koscienly, Mustafi, Bellerin, Monreal, Coquelien, Chamberlain, Ozil, Iwobi, Sanchez, Walcott.
Wenger decided to go with 4-2-3-1 formation with Ozil and Iwobi on the wings and Sanchez just behind Walcott.
The problem with this is there is no one one to cross into the box who can be strong like Costa for Chelsea.
This limits them to play a passing game and not direct.
I would have liked to see Ozil dropped as he is not performing in last few matches and wellbeck to have started that would give them more pace on the wings.
Match result - Chelsea (3)- Arsenal (1)
Che-Alonso(13') Hazard(53') Fabregas(85')
Match Summary

Arsenal had been outplayed and "outgunned" the entire evening as Sanchez and Ozil were dull compared to Hazard and Pedro. 
Hazard was in scintillating touch as he troubled arsenal all over the field.

For the first goal Costa headed the ball and it hovered in the penalty area as Alonso came charging in and elbowed Bellerin and headed it home. 

I personally thought it wasn't a foul and not intentional but wenger had different thoughts.

Hazard's goal was a delight. He received the ball at half court and powered through arsenal's defence and shrugged off Coquelien and finished delightfully over Cech.

The 3rd goal was a gift by a former Chelsea keeper to a former arsenal player.Fabregas delightfully chipped it over Cech to make it 3-0.

Wellbeck came on later and was looking very dangerous . He should have started .
Giroud made it 3-1 heading it in the near post maybe Courtois could have done better.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Overrated footballers 2017

15 of the Most overrated footballers right now

As u know if you had read my previous article I gave a list of 15 most underrated footballers.

Today we are going to turn the tables and I am going to give a list of the most overrated footballers right now.

15. Jack Willshere(Bournemouth)
14. Aaron Ramsay(Arsenal)
13. Karius(Liverpool)
12. Joe Hart (Torino)
11. Chris Smalling (Manchester United)
10. Simon Mignolet(Liverpool)
9. Andre Gomes(FCB)
8. Theo walcott (Arsenal)
7. Paulo Dybala(Juventus)
6. Renato Sanches(Bayern Munich)
5. Karim Benzema (Real madrid)
4. Claudio Bravo (Manchester city)
3. John stones  (Manchester City )
2. Gerrard Pique (FCB)

1. Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

Most underrated current Football players 2017

15 of the most underrated players in football right now

15. Alessio ramagnoli (AC Milan)
14. Shinji Kagawa (BVB)
13. Marco Reus (BVB)
12. Ben Arfa (PSG)
11. Henrikh Mkhitaryan  (Manchester United )
10. Juan Cuadrado (Juventus)
9. Mohamed Salah  (Roma)
8. Leroy Sane  (Manchester city)
7. Aaron Lennon(Everton)
6. C├ęsar Azpilicueta(Chelsea)
5. Luka Modric (Real Madrid)
4. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain (Arsenal)
3. Willian  (Chelsea)
2. Andrea barzagli  (Juventus)

1. Riciardo Quaresma  (Besiktas)

Guys this is my personal and honest opinion on the subject and is not biased to any player or team.

Honorable mentions - Romelu Lukaku, lucas mourra.

Any comments are well appreciated